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CocoNaff & friends Music Night - أمسية موسيقية
4th September At 20:30

CocoNaff & friends is an oriental fusion project. The music is based on Arab maqams with

the mix of flamenco rhythm. The songs are original sarcastic lyrics and composings to

rearranged Syrian traditionals. CocoNaff & friends explores the connection between

Damascus and Andalucia. An experimental music genre reconnect the soul of mushahat

with the sounds of Al Andaluz.

فرقة كوكونف وأصدقائه هو مشروع اندماج شرقي. تعتمد الموسيقى على المقامات العربية

مزيج من إيقاعات الفلامنكو. الأغاني هي كلمات أصلية وتأليف ل

إعادة ترتيب التقاليد السورية. يستكشف كوكونف والأصدقاء العلاقة بين

دمشق والأندلس. نوع موسيقي تجريبي يعيد ربط روح المشحات بأصوات الأندلس

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Ahmad Naffory,born 1989 in Damascus is a musician and composer. He studied Fine Arts and music in the conservatoire in Damascus University and graduated in 2011. In 2013 He continued his study of classic music at conservatoire in Beirut. He is the founder of ass'aleek band in Beirut 2013 which he wrote and composed Originals. In 2015 he toured as a musician with the theatre play “ above Zero” in Carthage festival in Tunis and “dancing on the edge” in the Netherland. Also in 2015 he founded with Claudia Willmitzer the band CocoNaff&friends. In 2016 they released their first album called “Cleopatra and the crazy bird “ . Followed in 2017 with the second album “ fosey fosaa”. He based in Amsterdam.

Claudia Willmitzer in a german experimental artist and start playing oud while living in Lebanon. She studied oriental music on Oud in Beit el Oud in Cairo under supervision of Naseer Shamma. She is focusing in mixing the oriental music with western influenced sounds. Recently she is working on special project to rearrange folk music from Syria with flamenco music. With Ahmad Naffory she founded the Band CocoNaff& friends. She is based in Amsterdam

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